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Installeo really does make me save money?

Yes. Installeo helps you save time! Thanks to the special agreements we have concluded with our partners, you save time every step of the way!

Why use Installeo services?

When you are looking for information on the internet, you find thousands of answers. Our expertise allows you to save time and money, but mostly it provides you with peace of mind.

I can settle anywhere in Canada with Installeo?

As for flight (transportation) and banking needs, Installeo’s offers are valid everywhere in the province of Quebec. As for the other offers, these are only valid in the city of Montreal and its vicinity. By the end of 2017, offers will be valid everywhere in Quebec, in Toronto and in Vancouver.

Do I have to go through all the steps?

No. You can choose the order in which you want to use Installeo.

Upon my arrival, can I ask for help from Installeo?

Of course, as you are now a member of Installeo. We are always there to guide you and listen to your needs.

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